Equal element heights with jQuery

Even when content height differs

I often have design situations that require multiple elements that are sitting in a row to have the same height even when the content inside of them is of a different height. Sometimes I’m able to handle this in css by setting a fixed height, but other times I don’t know for certain what amount of content will be shown, and this requires me to use a little jQuery.

Take this situation for example:


The bordered containers have dynamic content, and they need to all be the same size. So with just a little jQuery, I’m able to target those containers and loop through the height of each to find the tallest one, then I can apply that height to all of them.


Here’s the jQuery that I use to accomplish this:


    var maxHeight = -1;

    $('.ELEMENT').each(function() {
        maxHeight = maxHeight > $(this).height() ? maxHeight : $(this).height();

    $('.ELEMENT').each(function() {
});// ready

A few things to keep in mind though; this would be inefficient to use on more than a handful of elements. Also if your elements contain images that don’t have a known height to apply to them, then you may end up getting a height reading in jQuery that doesn’t include the height of the images. You can delay the jQuery from running until every element on the page loads, but that could be a few seconds and cause the content to jump when the heights get set. The best option is to declare an image height in your img tags if possible.

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