WordPress plugin toolbox

These are some of the plugins that I often use

I do a good bit of WordPress work, and I’ve developed a toolbox of plugins that I use on a good number of sites and for certain scenarios. This post is just an unordered list of some of these plugins, and my reasoning behind using them. I’ll be updating this list as more plugins come to mind, or get added to my toolbox.

WPS Hide Login

I’ve written before about how to manually change your wordpress login and register URLs using the .htaccess file, but I’ve recently started using this plugin and find it to much easier deploy.

Restrict Widgets

This is a fantastic plugin for managing which widgets show up on which pages. It allows a wide variety of restriction options and is easy to use and to teach clients to use.


This plugin just made my toolbox today (and prompted this post). I needed to make a copy of a website to work on locally, but I didn’t have FTP access. This plugin was easy to use, and created a full backup for me to download as a 228mb zip file.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro

This (paid) plugin is amazing, and has allowed me to take my wordpress projects to the next level by providing awesome tools like their repeater fields, image uploader, relationship field, and more.

WP Super Cache

This is a great, and easy to use caching plugin that also works with a good number of CDNs.


This plugin helps to clean up databases. I’ve seen databases with years worth of built up post revisions and this plugin really helps to trim the fat.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is a popular, straightforward, and easy to use SEO plugin. I also use the Google Analytics by Yoast add on.

Gravity Forms

I used to be firmly in the Contact Form 7 camp (I still use it on this site), but Gravity Forms is extremely versatile, easy to use, and captures messages for viewing on the dashboard. This plugin also gives you very powerful conditional logic for determining which form fields to show to your users. It’s definitely worth the money.


This responsive slider plugin has been growing on me lately, even though I can never remember how to spell it. It’s just super easy to use, and easy to style. I’ve been using the paid version, but they also offer a free “lite” version.